Welcome to the The Otaku Dream WikiEdit

People can come and list their favorite anime names on this wiki and tell what the anime is about. Fanart and Fanfiction can be including.Videos can be displayed on this wiki as well.

Attention All Otakus!!Edit

This is for otakus to talk to each other about anime or other japanese related things. Otakus can write fanfiction,draw fanarts,watch or add videos,look through pictures, add awesome music,and etc. Otakus can edit pages of their choice.I would like lots of otakus just like me to join!!!! So,if you want,join the dream world of otakus!!!!!

The Reguest Winners  Edit

The Elite(At least 1000 edits) The Pro(700 edits) The Heros(400 edits) The Starters(70 edits)